Announcing Richard Tripp’s PM/Design/Engineering Leadership Accelerator

February 6-7, 2017

$999/attendee.  Sign up here.

The Problem I'm Solving

There’s a hole in the software PM/Design/Engineering Leadership Space

  • Founders get pulled out of product as the company grows, and as the company grows, resources (as a percentage of revenue) follow the founder from product to sales, marketing, and services.
  • In this environment of shrinking resources, individual contributor PMs, designers, and engineering leaders struggle to provide strategic design and engineering leadership. At a time when strategy matters most--product resources are shrinking as a percentage of revenue while the potential inputs to product are multiplying exponentially--a group of specialists who are honing their individual craft but are untrained in how to use such skills strategically have been handed the steering wheel to the one org that all others rely on for survival.  
  • Engineering gets wasted, product falls behind market, growth stalls, cash dwindles, lay-offs and insolvency loom ...

The Solution I'm Teaching

"The POV Method demystified software development for Infusionsoft."  Clate Mask, Infusionsoft CEO

"The POV Method reconnected our engineering with our customers."  Mark Leck, RedX CEO

Strategic Design and Engineering Leadership Skills for PM/Design/Engineering Leaders

  • I’m now operating a 2-day Leadership Accelerator where I teach the method I invented while serving as chief product officer of Infusionsoft during the company’s turnaround period.  Infusionsoft comfortably coasted into 9-figure ARR territory a while ago, dominates its space, and has begun to poach leadership from Google and Intuit.
  • I’ve trained hundreds of PM, Design, and Engineering leaders on the method directly and personally worked with them through more than 500 software projects that were executed brilliantly by nimble, strategically-aligned teams.  I estimate that our work has led to billions of dollars in customer value and more than $1 billion in shareholder value.
  • Prior to inventing POV, I worked for Intuit (where I worked daily with founder Scott Cook and led the launch of a BI app for Quickbooks users that got 17,000 downloads on its first day) and Symantec (where I led early Agile teams and worked alongside Object Mentor to build intrusion detection software for the U.S. Military).
  • The POV Method's output is a high-performing team united by shared purpose and strategic, agile approaches to design and engineering.  We create these teams by running them through a loosely-structured process I have that builds a clear and followable bridge between your biggest market opportunity and the next best thing for engineering to pull off the backlog.  Done consistently, this approach remarkably improves the rate at which the team unites to get the project all the way across the finish line and in the hands of tons of paying customers.   It accomplishes by pulling everyone: PM, Design, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance--into a process that quickly and effectively builds strategic clarity and shared purpose about the next best thing to do, and it also supplies them with a super-lean approach to quickly adjusting the strategy in light of new discoveries.  This ability to quickly rebuild strategic clarity and shared purpose among specialists who often have conflicting goals is the heart of the methodology.  Fast, strategic, skillful refreshes of the project are what wins the game.   Remember, no amount of doing things right can compensate for failure to do the right things!  Strategy matters!

The Team Helping Me Out

  • More than one CEO you know.  I’m refining presentation materials with them daily.  This is stuff people running well-funded, rapidly-growing, 8-figure businesses want you to see.  But it’s also informed by several local startup CEOs who are just now breaking into 7-figure revenue and have found the methodology very helpful at that stage.  
  • Several Successful Design Executives.   Multiple successful VPs of product, interaction design, user experience--like Brian Gates, who has led VP of Product at Infusionsoft, Instructure, and RainFocus--are contributing to the accelerator and providing mentorship to emerging product leaders who attend.
  • Local Design Groups.  We are very proud to welcome the entire leadership team of the Utah Product Design Association and The Product Management Excellence Group as attendees and participants in the accelerator.  Both Ben Peck (who co-founded and co-leads the very popular Front conference) and Brandon Gardner (who founded and leads the Product Management Excellence Group) will be leading panel discussions that explore the CEO/PM relationship and how to build a better career ladder for leaders of creative work.
  • Some Very Talented Local Musicians.  Shared Purpose grows up out of a culture that is designed to support the creative work of individual contributors.  Few people understand this concept of support like improvisational jazz and blues musicians.  We’ll have some very interesting discussion with them and enjoy some excellent music.

What's on the agenda?

Here's what we have so far.  There will be updates.

Monday, February 6

  • 9-10: Strategic Product Discovery: Getting Support From Your CEO (we'll review the concept of the target customer persona--the use case that, if served, provides the highest number of high LTV customers for the company in the shortest timeframe--how to find this persona in your existing financial data, and how to methodically amplify the signal of this target market directly to development's backlog. We'll introduce The Benefit Bridge as both the unifying framework and way to chuck up the project for the team).
  • 10-10:10 break
  • 10:10-11 Finding The Target: Business Intelligence Workshop. Getting the target customer reports you need from your CFO.  Would love some Domo people in this one.
  • 11-11:10 break
  • 11:10-12 Finding The Benefit: Customer Research Workshop.  How to move past features and find the outcomes the target customer really cares about. 
  • 12-1:10: The PM and The CEO: A working lunch discussion facilitated by Brandon Gardner, leader of the Utah’s Product Management Excellence group
  • 1:10-2 The Current Reality: A Mapping Workshop.  (We can’t design good solutions until we understand the reality we seek to improve.  We have a light-weight model for creating a clarifying single source of truth that can evolve with new contributions).
  • 2-2:10 break
  • 2:10-5 Target Customer, Benefit Statement, Current Reality Practice with Brian Gates and Brady Uselman (Brian Gates, VP of Product at RainFocus.  Brian has directly led or overseen more than 200 current reality sessions; Brady Uselman is a PhD and CEO at OilCommand, a local startup that uses the method to manage product who recently created; he has amazing Current Reality skills).
  • We’ll have live musical entertainment that evening.  

Tuesday, February 7

  • 9-10: Creating Shared Purpose and Actionable Strategy (the real success of your project comes down to getting the product, engineering, marketing, sales, and services teams to execute well on great strategic thinking; this is where we talk about precisely how to do that from one stage of the Benefit Bridge to the next; Tip: shared purpose on actionable strategy is the secret weapon of successful software projects, and we have a secret weapon for creating both at the same time)
  • 10-10:10 break
  • 10:10-noon Shared Purpose and Actionable Strategy Practice: (lots of practice, there's a group of mentors who have been through the method a bunch who will be helping me coach; the main goal is to practice working through each step of the benefit bridge with the sharing methodologies).
  • 12-1:10 The PM Career Ladder (intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial perspectives): A working lunch discussion facilitated by Ben Peck, Director of the Utah Product Design Association
  • 1:10-2 Cultural Support for Creative Work  (Creative work is usually a blood sport in corporations.  This is a systemic challenge, one that we can better navigate by drawing on knowledge that has been developed in other creative disciplines that successfully unite to overcome systemic challenges.  Musicians are among the most articulate people I’ve met when it comes to this challenge, and they have amazing methods for supporting each other in the pursuit of great collective creativity.  In this session, I’ll be talking with the brilliant local musician Matt Harding about the way improvisational musicians support each other in their work).
  • 2-5 POV Games.  I’ll only say this will be your favorite part.  

Time and Location

  • Date: February 6-7, 2017.  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Location: Church & State Basement.  370 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
  • Fee: $999 if you buy before midnight December 31, 2016.  Prices go up after that.  We’ve kept prices low because we know 2016 hurt everybody.  
  • Here's the registration form again, if you actually read to this point.  🙂

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